Hi, I’m David Bruere.

I’ve been helping kids catch-up, keep up and get ahead in maths for 25-years (19-years full-time). I live and breath maths tutoring.

My new online delivery helps your child ‘get’ maths even more effectively than my in-person tutoring used to.

“I am so grateful for all the years you have helped me with my maths, and changed my negative thoughts towards the subject to such an extent that prior to my final exams I have been able to say that I LOVE MATHS!”

– Gussie

How can I help?

Help With Classwork

Clarify work that didn’t make sense in class so your child stays up-to-date. Prepare for upcoming tests and exams. Help with assignments.

Fill in Gaps

Gaps or misunderstandings about prior work make current classwork seem impossible. I find gaps in your child’s knowledge and develop a systematic program to fill them.

Enrichment / Getting Ahead

Once your child is confident with classwork, we can focus on getting ahead and ‘deeper’ mathematical thinking. When kids have a head start on classwork, their confidence soars.

Exam Preparation

Wherever your child is starting from, I can develop a plan to revise past material, fill in gaps, and tackle exam questions. All the summaries, notes and practice exams your child needs are included.

Experience the difference professional online maths tutoring makes with a FREE Trial Lesson

“Thank-you for your patient and thorough approach tutoring Michael throughout Year 12. I think Michael let you know he got into Medicine at Monash which was his first preference. He’s ecstatic – thankyou David!”

– James

“David tutored my son in VCE math and I would absolutely recommend him. He worked with him on class work so it was relevant to his learning and helped him prepare for SACs and exam work. David was also happy to give regular feedback on his progress. The thing that made the difference was he connected with my son and that’s always going to bring out the best in your child.”

– Paula

How am I different?

My entire professional experience (25 years, 19 full-time) has been laser focused on providing individual help with mathematics.

In stark contrast, most other tutors are students or teachers who do a little tutoring as a sideline. (Teaching a class is a very different skill-set to individual tutoring.)

Over the course of over 20 000 individual sessions and many thousands of hours professional development (including degrees in applied science and psychology), I’ve developed skills to help your child in ways not possible for less experienced tutors.

Benefits of choosing a full-time professional

Faster progress

As I can identify gaps and and misconceptions more quickly – and intervene more effectively – than a less experienced tutor, your child progresses more rapidly

More enjoyable, engaging experience

Kids get more satisfaction and enjoyment when they make progress rapidly. I work nearly as hard to make my tutoring fun, engaging and motivational as I do to make it effective.

Build real understanding and confidence

Over the past 25 years, I’ve developed a deep toolbox of approaches to give your child those ‘I get it!’ moments. When maths makes sense, your kids feels more confident and can think on their feet when confronted with trickier questions and worded problems.

Keep momentum between lessons with cloud based resources

Your child can access recordings of our lesson (if you want it recorded) and notes made during our lessons from any device. I can also provide follow-up revision so your child can consolidate and build on what we have covered.

Develop skills to learn independently

Less experienced tutors build dependence. That can actually be detrimental to your child’s long term progress. My goal is to empower and equip your child to learn independently.

Experience the difference professional online maths tutoring makes with a FREE Trial Lesson

“I’ve known David for over 10 years. He’s an awesome maths tutor! Patient, friendly and somehow explains maths in a way that actually makes sense. Over the years I have referred several friends and colleagues to David and they’ve all been thrilled. Highest possible recommendation!!”

– Damian

“Jess loved doing her lesson online. She appreciated you setting it up so she could work on pen and paper instead of writing on the screen. We are happy to change over to online lessons.”

– Michelle

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