How to prepare for a mathematics exam

Here is a guide I prepared for students in Victoria, Australia to help prepare for their final mathematics exams at the end of their schooling. Many of you reading this post will obviously be outside Victoria (or even Australia) but the key ideas are broadly applicable. Completing past exams is the best form of exam … Read more

How to do your mathematics homework

Some things to consider about overall study habits How to do your homework from school Check you have everything you need at hand before you start (i.e. your school textbook, your school exercise book and calculator). Make a list of the specific questions you need to complete for homework. Hopefully your teacher has made list … Read more

What to do at school to make tutoring more effective

If you get into the habit of doing these 5 things in class at school, you will get much better value out of your tutoring outside class. Hopefully you already do most of these, let’s make sure, though! 1. Write the date in your exercise book at the start of each lesson Why do this? … Read more

How to get the most out of tutoring

1. Bring your mathematics textbook and workbook from school. It is a lot harder to identify where you need help if you do not have your books with you. However, if you do forget your books, all is not lost because I always come prepared with my own books. We can achieve more if you … Read more